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So, I just finished reading the Magician's Land. I can't stress how… - Fragmented Mentality [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 24th, 2014|08:52 pm]
So, I just finished reading the Magician's Land. I can't stress how much I recommend this trilogy. The Magicians is to adult fantasy fiction as Harry Potter is to YA. Also, some interesting personal reflections based on the timing of when I read the first book to finishing the 3rd one in relation to what's going on in my life.

One of those books that you're sad you finished reading because now it's over but also you're happy because you got to see things through until the end.

“She was starting to suspect that facing up to the nightmare of the past is what gives you the power to build your future.”

"...In books there's always somebody standing by ready to say hey, the world's in danger, evil's on the rise, but if you're really quick and take this ring and put it in that volcano over there everything will be fine.

"But in real life that guy never turns up. He's never there. He's busy handing out advice in the next universe over. In our world no one ever knows what to do, and everyone's just as clueless and full of crap as everyone else, and you have to figure it all out by yourself. And even after you've figured it out and done it, you'll never know whether you were right or wrong. You'll never know if you put the ring in the right volcano, or if things might have gone better if you hadn't. There's no answers in the back of the book.”

I bought the first book in the trilogy on half a whim at the suggestion of a store clerk at the Barnes and Nobles inside the Detroit airport. I had graduated from willis about a month and a half earlier and was going to visit Michelle in LA as a graduation present to myself.

Having just finished the final book of the trilogy about 5 months into working for Complete Wind, it feels like I may have found my home (or long term lease in any case) in the Wind Industry, finally... 4 and a half years later. I can't believe the ups and downs I've been through in that time. Not really finding where I fit in career-wise, staying hung up on people that didn't care about me the way I did them. The one of the themes of the final book is about growing up and realizing you aren't the person you used to be.

I'm definitely not the 2010 version of me. Some things are there, probably always will be (both good and bad) but on the whole, i'm happy with the changes.

Never risking anything meant never having or doing or being anything either. Life is risk, it turned out.”
― Lev Grossman, The Magician's Land