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an overdue update [Aug. 9th, 2011|09:42 pm]
I like my job. Lead hand on site and his supervisor seem to like me. The owner of the entire company (multi-million dollar company) was out to check things out on Friday and he was very happy with the work we're doing here.

Met a girl here in Stratford I'm attracted to. One day I think it's mutual, the next, one-sided so that's confusing and it's pissing me off that I can't figure things out. Had to bail on going out with her a few weeks ago because we ended up being sent home a night early (i let her know as soon as I did so it wouldn't be quite so bad).. last week it took until thursday to get my paycheck and by that time, she had to work and couldn't do anything.. this week, i sent her a text today so i'm waiting to hear back.

Since I'm only here for an undetermined handful of weeks more, I don't really know where it will go but on the other hand.. I'm a semi-local (under 2 hours away) so.. who knows? sure as hell not me.

getting back into a habit of working out daily.. bought a Power Home Gym (so I could have a chin-up bar with me in the hotel at the very least, it's pretty cool overall).

The current hotel we're staying in is pretty sweet.. Nice decent sized and clean/etc. rooms. Pool, hot tub, sauna (all of which I used again tonight.. prompting this mellowing down lj entry).

Saving up to buy a car so I can go visit people when I want.. I hate having to ask to borrow a vehicle on weekends..

Running out of steam on what to discuss.. I ask you, the peanut gallery (if anyone's even out there..) what do you want to know?